Topping out celebrates Norman Regional Nine’s construction reaching highest point

Norman Regional Health System’s new freestanding emergency department, Norman Regional Nine, completed its highest point of construction.

The health system and construction team will celebrate with a topping out ceremony at 4 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 11 at the construction site at 2000 Ann Branden Blvd. in Norman. 

The ceremony will feature key speakers, refreshments and an evergreen tree will be lifted to the top of the building.

The 45,250 square foot facility was designed from a shared vision between Norman Regional and HGA, the architectural design firm, with the healthcare needs of the community in mind. JE Dunn Construction is building Norman Regional Nine as well as other Inspire Health projects, creating continuity between the facilities. Here are some statistics about the construction project so far: there have been 18,000 man hours worked, 311.5 tons of steel erected, 5,5000 bolts to connect the steel, 1,460 yards of concrete poured and most importantly, ZERO safety incidents.

“This location will bring our team of experts close to people in south Norman, Noble and other surrounding communities,” said Robin Mantooth, MD, emergency medicine physician. “I hope residents of these areas are excited to have us as neighbors! I can tell you firsthand the importance of quick diagnosis and treatment. In an emergency seconds matter. Stroke, heart attack, bleeding - all require speedy treatment to improve a patient’s outcome.”

Norman Regional Nine is just the beginning of a plan to enhance the quality of life in southeast Norman. The property’s large 30-acre size also allows room to grow. Development proposals for the site include other healthcare services, commercial businesses, and multi-family housing. 


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