Porter Health Village

We’re changing our focus of the Porter campus from sickness to wellness by offering mixed-use health and lifestyle services at the location of the current historic campus.


Norman Regional is currently in the planning phase of the Porter Health Village – working with public-private partners to determine what services will be offered.

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Norman Regional Hospital has proudly served the community of Norman for more than 74 years and has a rich legacy of providing high-quality, acute care services. The future plans for the 29-acre Porter campus include a healthcare transformation from a focus on sickness to wellness. The creation of the Porter Health Village will serve a diverse population by offering mixed-use of health and lifestyle services such as urgent and primary care clinics, social service agencies, behavioral health services, and the Norman Adult Wellness and Education Center offerings. The Porter Health Village will serve as a catalyst to revitalize the Porter Avenue corridor while improving the overall health of the Norman community. Norman Regional leadership will work with public-private partners in the development of the Porter Health Village.

Porter Health Village Plan:

Health Village

The Porter Health Village is still in early planning phases, working with public-private partners to determine what type of services will be offered here. Services that may be included in the Porter Health Village include primary care, urgent care, social services, senior wellness educational offerings, and a new behavioral health hospital. 

Behavioral Health

Norman Regional Health System and Oceans Healthcare have entered into a joint venture partnership to expand access to behavioral health services in south central Oklahoma through the construction of a new, state-of-the-art behavioral health hospital.

The 48-bed hospital will be named Behavioral Health Porter Village and will more than double Norman Regional Health System’s current inpatient capacity for behavioral health patients and add new services, including an intensive outpatient program and a dedicated geriatric behavioral health unit. 

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Business Office and Education Center

Norman Regional’s Education Center currently sits at Norman Regional Hospital. During the revitalization of the Porter campus, the Education Center will remain in its current location to be a pillar in the Porter Health Village and continue to serve as an educational meeting space for healers and the community alike.

Also remaining on the Porter campus in the Porter Health Village is Norman Regional Hospital’s northwest tower, which will house non-patient facing, business-office healers. This will allow Norman Regional to remain a part of the Porter location and our healers to take in the benefits of the newly-formed Porter Health Village. 

Norman Adult Wellness and Education Center

The City of Norman’s Adult Wellness and Education Center is is the first completed component of the Porter Health Village. The facility promotes the health and well-being of adults aged 50 and older. With offerings including art classes, access to a saltwater pool, outdoor pickleball and a kitchen classroom, the facility is a hub of wellness activities. For more information about the Adult Wellness and Education Center, please visit the City of Norman’s website.


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